We achieve EMOTIONAL HARMONY (ARMONIA EMOCIONAL) when we are able to love ourselves unconditionally.

We are all born with it and lose it by living bitter experiences. The good news is that there are coaches of emotions who can help us recover it. Psychology has developed scientific tools within our reach to help us.

This training requires a wide vision, a loving view of life and people. A serious commitment to ourselves is recommended to take full advantage of it. The facilitator will act as temporary helper while we ready ourselves to awaken our unconditional love. Generating our emotional harmony is a job that nobody can do for us, we all have specific goals and experiences.

When we have EMOTIONAL HARMONY, physical and/or mental illnesses are reduced because the treatment involves active listening and psychological support with some feedback to help us see ourselves internally.

As Marianne Williamson pointed out, “ It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us“. We live in fear of true intimacy with our loved ones. We are afraid to be vulnerable and of being hurt. Therefore, the emotional coach helps us, as one helps a baby to take its first steps, with our first steps towards self-love, towards better self-esteem.

EMOTIONAL HARMONY training is based on the premise that we are wonderful, we just need to believe it. We are in need of awareness, awareness of the messages we give our words and our actions. We need to learn to live in the here-and-now rather than in our memories. We need to learn to take responsibility for our actions.

In this training the coach helps us to reflect on the consequences of the paths we choose, how to be emotionally independent, and how to be free to love others. Of course this takes time, dedication and honesty with oneself. It takes courage to see our darkness.