A caring listener with  20+ years of experience in providing psychotherapy in Mexico since 1998 and I am recently licensed in California. I offer you a combination of both cultures and both worlds of psychology. I am bilingual and bicultural. I work for you to feel safe to explore your deepest feelings and tap into your inner wisdom. Tell me about your anxiety, depression, fear, severe trauma, or low self esteem, I can help. Do you want to improve your creativity, your relationship with someone special to you, or become more productive? We can work on it.

My clients are psychologists, counselors, religious leaders, and people in the entertainment industry. Based on Gestalt therapy I help my clients to live with awareness, responsibility and in the here-and-now. Aided by the transpersonal psychology I address issues of spirituality, the use of meditation and paranormal experiences.

I am a specialist in creative expression in therapy at master’s and PhD levels. All those credentials are a toolbox to me — I tailor them to you needs. I use the science of psychology as needed in every case. My focus is your transformation and the improvement in your relationships.

California License # PSY 28460

  • Ph.D. in Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in USA
  • MS in Psychology from from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in USA
  • MS in Gestalt Therapy from Integro in Mexico.
  • Certification as Parent Educator from Mexico.

                                                      RELEVANT PROFESSIONAL SKILLS

  • Bilingual –Spanish- and bicultural expertise
  • Experience with government agencies in Mexico
  • Certification and MS and PHD level in Creative Expression and Arts Therapy
  • Practical Knowledge in guided imagery, psychodrama, shamanism, and dream work
  • Has been adjunct faculty in ITESO, UNIVA in Mexico and ITP in USA
  • Leadership trainer.
  • Public speaker in TV and Radio.

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